About Tovah

Tovah Kersner  (CASAP) is a Divorce Recovery Counsellor working in Private Practice in Modi’in Israel. Tovah has studied, worked and volunteered in the health and wellness field for most of her life.

During every counselling session Tovah will be guide you through the trauma and pain of your divorce, to enable you to move on to a new life after divorce and through this massive life transition, assisting you to release all that emotional baggage from your divorce and past, so that you will be in full acceptance of your present life, with little or no regrets, blame or resentments.

After completing a degree at an Arts and Design College in England and working in that field for a short time, Tovah eventually followed a path in the health and wellness Industry. As a State Enrolled Nurse (SEN) she has extensive training and experience in general and specialized nursing such as operating theatre.

After and during her marriage and child rearing, she volunteered in many departments of organized charities, helping the needy, youth at risk and battered wives shelters. A Certified Addictions and Substance Abuse Professional, with the governing board in Israel, Tovah has experience, coaching alcoholics and addicts of all mind altering substances, and facilitating support groups in addiction for the past 12 years.

As a Substance Abuse Counsellor, she had the pleasure of working with ‘at-risk’ young women at Tikva Seminary in Jerusalem for four years. In addition to group and personal counselling she was responsible for organizing educational/therapeutic field trips. Under the supervision of  Dr Chani Stroe Sachs, they were successful in the rehabilitation of these young women, who  returned to their families to become productive, successful members of society.

Besides working in her own practice, Tovah continued with formal training at the Refuah Institute, Jerusalem, under the supervision of Professor Joshua Richie.

Tovah came to Divorce Recovery Counselling after her own personal experience and subsequent ways to recover and thrive after her own divorce, so she’s been there and done that too! Tovah says “it was not easy, even with all of my knowledge and skills. I knew I couldn’t ‘do it alone’. I needed help in getting rid of all the negativity and baggage that I carried around with me.”

Tovah has gained a wealth of experience in both her professional and personal life.  It has been a tremendous journey and she came to realize that divorce is not the end of life but the start of a brand new life, a catalyst for change.

Tovah’s passion is to empower you to create the kind of life that will bring you healthy happiness and fulfilment. There is great wisdom and valuable life lessons to be learned in a divorce, to learn how to love yourself, become passionate about your journey in life, to become happy, joyous and free, strong and courageous, all the answers are already in you. Whatever your journey will be to recover,  Tovah will be with you all the way.

Our sessions will be on-line so distance is not an issue.


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  1. Hi Tovah:

    Thank you for liking my post on “Three Tips for a Successful Writing Career”.


  2. Yes you had some interesting ideas. I’m totally new at blogging on wordpress and so you have inspired me very much. Tovah

    • Glad to hear you’ve found some interesting ideas. I’ve only been blogging since last July. The important thing is to try and blog on a consistent basis. I can only manage once a week, but that’s okay.
      Looking forward to following you around.

  3. Hi Tovah:

    Thanks so much for signing up to follow me on my blog.

    Technology is wonderful. To think we can communicate while living so far apart.

    Have a wonderful day. Or is it evening there?

  4. Thanks Tracy. Cyber space is quite amazing. So glad to have met you! Tovah

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  6. RobynG says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking “Chipped Paint”. I hope you’ll stop by and visit again soon. Robyn

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