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Yes, the narcissist is my nemesis. I get mesmerized by such a person …well, I should specify that now, I still attract “male” narcissists even though I have eliminated ‘friend’ narcissists from my life. If a narcissistic man shows me any amount of attention, I ‘fall’….immediately. I lose all sense of logic and control and believe, unconsciously, that he is ‘real’.

My mother is a narcissist, so I was raised by one. That’s why I’ve spent my whole life loving them and losing myself to get them to love me…to no avail. I will fight for the rest of my days to stay away from them, especially in regards to relationships. I married one, and recently, another narcissist , who I met over a year ago, has been ‘sniffing around’…and I almost got totally caught up in him.

So, what is a narcissist? According to Wikipedia, NARCISSISM is…

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About Tovah

Certified Substance Abuse and Addictions Professional, (CASAP) Although retired I still do voluntary work in my profession. For many years I've been a natural health enthusiast, using natural remedies and eating healthy natural organic food. I'd like to share some of my experiences about growing Organic Vegetables in small spaces, indoors and out.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Tovah! 🙂
    For some reason, I can’t sign in with my newer blog over at So I hope you don’t mind I left it here. 🙂

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  3. Great article based on human nature of one person believing in the other. Thanks for sharing. It brought many people to light for me.

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