Freedom or is it?

Divorce Recovery Solutions

At last the process of  the divorce is over, we hear a heavy sigh of relief coming from within.  After months of arguments, bitterness, lawyers, visiting rights, it’s all over! Another sigh of relief but then what?

The laws of divorce vary according to where we live. In some countries, the wife can come out of a divorce physically unscathed, keeping the family home, receiving a good settlement for herself and the children, the divorce settlement almost always in favour of the wife who is usually with the children.

For those less fortunate, the family house might have to be sold, leaving the family sad and angry,  the housewife has to find employment to subsidize her ex’s child allowance payments or to pay rent for an apartment and some or all of her children’s expenses.

The already working divorcee with a full-time career comes across her own difficulties as she tries to juggle work kids and home on her own.

Due to financial difficulties that have accumulated during their marriage, many women  are left penniless after many years of emotional and physical investment.

Whatever the circumstances are for most divorcees, they are left to navigate through life the best they can.

Divorce is traumatic and any scenario that we are left with may bring to the surface, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, loneliness and fear, to name but a few of the possible emotions . How do we cope? How do we find true freedom?

Divorce recovery, as with most major loss in life, is a process. The first thing we have to do is to accept the reality with no illusions or delusions of our present circumstances. Without full acceptance, especially at this transitional stage, it’s almost impossible to move forward. I’m not saying this is easy but very definitely essential if you want to move on to your new life of freedom.

What do I mean when I say freedom? I mean the real freedom that comes from within. Freedom from the pain of the past, freedom from all of those negative emotions, freedom to have clarity, freedom to make choices, freedom to love, freedom to laugh, freedom to take full responsibility for your life and the lives of your children.

No matter how your feeling today, start on your path to freedom by making a  choice to do something positive.  Start by doing the following:

Simply write down five things that I am grateful for today. That’s it!

Give yourself the freedom to do the little list everyday for a week and see how you feel. If you feel better…carry on.

As women we want to give the best of ourselves to our children but we can only do that successfully if we give the best to ourselves first!


About Tovah

Certified Substance Abuse and Addictions Professional, (CASAP) Although retired I still do voluntary work in my profession. For many years I've been a natural health enthusiast, using natural remedies and eating healthy natural organic food. I'd like to share some of my experiences about growing Organic Vegetables in small spaces, indoors and out.
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2 Responses to Freedom or is it?

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    • Interesting blog although I find your reasoning complicated in it’s explanation! Freedom does come from the inner depths of our soul and where souls are concerned there has to be faith to help us to have the courage for curiosity. Thanks for visiting. Tovah

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